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Total Package Pricing

How did you arrive at your current price list?

What’s your hourly rate (and how did you calculate it)?

Is your photography business turning a profit, or leading you down a path to the Poor House?

What message do you want your photography brand to convey, and what steps are you currently taking to maintain and build upon that message?

Are you 100% confident in your current pricing and package options?

If you’re having trouble answering these questions, it might be time to take a step back.

When I first started my photography business, I spent many long nights working out pricing, packages, brand and marketing strategies and budgeting for all sorts of things I hadn’t anticipated. I’m lucky enough to have a background in brand strategy, advertising and marketing, but many photographers (both new and established) don’t have that luxury, and find themselves overwhelmed with their pricing, collections, and marketing endeavors. We’re about to fix that!

Enter TOTAL PACKAGE PRICING, the pricing and collection building guide for wedding and portrait photographers who don’t want to go broke.

This three-part eBook series takes you through every facet of pricing your photography for profit, discovering — and utilizing — your CORRECT hourly rate, building a strong group of collections and packages that you’ll feel confident selling, and turning your business into a full-fledged brand. Here’s a run-down of what’s included:

BOOK 1 – Intro to Business and Brand Strategy : What’s in a brand? Learn how to position yourself and your products for top results. We’ll cover business structure (and why you can’t be everything to everybody); pricing and sales (learn not only WHAT to place in your collections for maximum profit, but HOW and WHY clients choose the way they do); perceived value and the inherent risks involved with discounting your way into the Poor House; and how to identify and utilize your brand’s “face and voice” to build a solid foundation on which to launch (or re-launch) a winning photography business and brand.¬†Wherever possible, real-world examples are given and geared toward both Portrait and Wedding photographers, so everyone should be able to take something tangible out of the workbooks, regardless of their clientele!

BOOK 2 – Hourly Rates and Product Pricing : This volume will guide you toward the answer to that ever-elusive question: What are you worth? Learn the real way to calculate your hourly rate (I’ll give you a hint: it’s probably a LOT higher than you think it is!) and implement a price list that will set you up for success, and won’t leave you digging into your couch cushions when Tax season rolls around. You’ll also receive a set of Excel Spreadsheets that are already set up to do ALL THE HARD WORK (i.e. calculations) for you! But, if you don’t have Excel, never fear! All calculations are thoroughly explained in the workbook, and blank PDF templates are included so you can also do all the work by hand to get the same results! This workbook also comes with two sample price lists (one for wedding photography and one for portrait photography), as well as my personal product catalog and price list for comparison!

BOOK 3 – Building Profitable Collections : From deciding what to offer in your packages and collections to tallying their final prices and values, this workbook will leave you with a solid understanding of what goes into collections for maximum profit and confidence. You’ll also receive an Excel Collection Builder that calculates everything for you (as well as instructions on how to calculate everything by hand if you’d rather do it the old fashioned way!). We’ll cover scenarios for both wedding photographers (whose packages include service hours) and portrait photographers (whose collections are product-based).

And here is a basic list of the items included in this set:

(3) Excel Templates — each with multiple tabs (.xlsx format). These WILL also work in Apple’s Numbers, although some formatting might appear slightly different than in the screenshots. The Excel Templates were created in Excel 2010 and will work with recent versions of Excel on both Mac and PC. Compatibility with older versions of Excel or Numbers, or other spreadsheet programs is not verified.
(1) Instruction booklet to help you get started using the Excel Templates.
(3) PDF workbooks totaling over 50 pages of insider branding, business and pricing tips in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand terminology with real-world examples to get you thinking and keep you learning.
(1) Blank PDF line sheet with a quick pricing formula “cheat sheet” in case you’d rather do the calculations by hand.
(1) Sample Price Catalog from my own studio for reference.

Important Note: This workbook’s purpose is to give you a solid foundation and understanding of pricing and budgeting structures; it’s always a good idea to consult an accountant or tax professional to make sure you’re keeping everything in order! These workbooks do not provide financial advice — their purpose is to teach you tested pricing methods, and the psychology behind presenting those prices and packages in a way that will maximize profitability with your client sessions and orders.

Need one-on-one branding and/or pricing help? No problem — I also offer individualized consulting services! Drop me a line to get started.

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