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About brandsushi ::

It’s simple: brandsushi is here to make your life — and your workflow — easier to manage. With product and marketing templates, custom branding and design services, and no short supply of inspiring ideas and market trends, brandsushi is a one-stop shop for transforming your boutique photography studio into a full-fledged brand. Our collections are hand-crafted with professional wedding and portrait photographers in mind, and extensively field tested to ensure they’ll be loved by studios and clients alike.

About the designer ::

I’m Claire, and I’m the designer behind brandsushi. I’m an East Dallas raised, Art School educated, working pet photographer and big-brand agency Art Director pursuing the marriage of photography and sleek, modern design. My commercial portfolio includes clients such as Neiman Marcus, Toni & Guy, Bergdorf Goodman, Michaels, and ABC, but what I really love is working one-on-one with photographers and fellow creatives to craft timeless & chic bespoke brands and identities.

I currently live in Dallas and share an office with my two studio interns — Bruce Wayne, a supermodel Siberian Husky with the vocabulary of an 8 year-old; and Maddie, a spunky Boston Terrier who loves anyone with a tennis ball & hates vacuum cleaners.